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Houston Product Photographer - {PinkieTwink}

24 June 2010
I've written about Sharon before.
Sharon ROCKS.
She is the owner/designer/artist of Pinkie Twink on Etsy.

Sharon has been making dresses and skirts for Cameron over the past year and I just can't get enough of her cute, cute, cute creations!
I recently asked her if she would make a pair of shorts out of lemon fabric - you see, we are planning a lemonade stand and you have to LOOK the part! 
Sharon agreed to make the shorts...but then sent me a photo of a new dress she designed.
I fell in love.
"Forget the shorts!" I said....  I want a lemonade DRESS!
And here it is!
Sharon will be listing this dress in her shop soon - as well as others!
Be sure to check out her shop!

Houston Product Photographer - {The Cake Fairy}

23 June 2010
You remember when I wrote about The Cake Fairy a few weeks ago?
She has so many delicious and decadent cakes to chose from!

I am so excited because I will be sampling another one of her cakes on Friday!
It's my birthday gift to myself!
SoOoOoOoO excited!

The Cake Fairy is not only completely talented...she is also super sweet!
When she discovered our daughter was allergic to nuts and soy (which means she was not able to eat any of the cakes we purchased for our son's bday party) she did the most amazing thing!
She made CamCam a cake of her own! 
And, boy, did she love it!
Thanks, Suzanne!!!!!

For those of you interested in ordering a smaller cake like this, The Cake Fairy is your gal! 
These are called Lover's Cakes!  They are great for sharing with the one you love and they come packaged in cute little red boxes!!  You can find Suzanne's contact info & cake flavors by clicking the two links above!


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