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Houston Newborn Photographer - {Parker + Peyton: 3 Week Old Twins}

26 April 2011
I've been busy editing photos from my session with Parker & Peyton. These little guys were so sweet and patient! Every time I open a new photo, I find myself smiling! I really enjoyed working with your boys, Mom & Dad! Here are a few more sneak peeks!
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Houston Area Photographer - {Let's Talk Editing}

22 April 2011
What is your favorite part about Jill Ward Photography?
What is the most difficult aspect of your business?

These are questions I am asked time and again.
I love meeting new people, usually at very special times in their lives.
The special looks that are exchanged between a couple expecting a child.
The sparkle in the eye of a little birthday boy or girl.
The drooly laughter of a baby who has just reached a fabulous milestone.
Brand new babies, days after entering the world.

I love it.

The most difficult part of my job is editing the photos.
What you see in your online gallery, your proofs, my blog - these images are generally not exactly what I capture on the camera. Depending on the type of session I am shooting, I take approximately 300 - 500 photos! I have to whittle than number down to 20 - 30 for editing and presenting to clients. Once I've picked the best of the best, I start editing.

What does that mean?

Sometimes it is simply brightening a photo - bringing out the midtones, darkening blown out areas, lightening shadows. The basics. Other times, more work is needed.
I usually spend about 15 - 20 minutes on each picture - playing with different editing tools until I get the look I want to achieve.

Here is an example of an SOOC (straight out of camera - no editing) and a final product! As you can see, a lot of the background "noise" was deleted, tones were adjusted, and a few more tweaks to make the image come alive. All in all, I spend anywhere from 5 - 7 hours just editing a single session!
I hope that helps answer a few questions about what goes on behind the scenes at JWP! Have a great Easter weekend!
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Houston Family Photographer - {Yogi's Sneak Peek}

21 April 2011
This sneak peek goes out to my new friend, Yogi!
He is the furry little guy in the back with the sweet smile and bright eyes! Yogi recently had two new members join his family and he couldn't be more proud! Congrats, Yogi!!! Let Mom & Dad know more sneak peeks of those precious boys will follow soon!!
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Houston Maternity Photographer - {Michelle + Lamar}

13 April 2011
I had a great time photographing this awesome couple tonight! They are obviously in love and anxiously awaiting the arrival of their little girl!! Enjoy your sneak peeks, your online gallery will be available soon with more images!
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Houston Area Product Photography - {Pinkie Twink}

12 April 2011
I was honored to photograph this gorgeous dress made by Sharon Hollingsworth, owner of PinkieTwink on Etsy. Sharon has been making dresses, skirts, and ruffle pants for my little Cammie for a couple of years now. I tell you from experience, all of her items are made with the utmost care and precise attention to detail. We love our PinkieTwink items!!! I believe this dress is a must have for hot Houston summers!!! Thanks for sharing your newest creaion with us, Sharon! I hope you love your photos!
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Houston Family & Maternity Photographer - {Gaby + Jesus}

I met with a beautiful family last week to document a very special time in their lives! This family of three will soon be welcoming twin boys into their hearts and home! I think Jesus & Gaby make an adorable couple - and Gaby has to be one of the most stunning pregnant women I've ever seen! She is seriously glowing! Their sweet little girl, soon to be a big sister, is just too cute for words!!! Her smiles and laughter are contageous and her little dimple is just too cute! Congrats Gaby & Jesus! Enjoy your sneak peeks and thanks so much for allowing me to be a part of this joyous occasion!
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Houston Headshot Photographer - {Jackie}

06 April 2011
I had the opportunity to work with an adorable young woman this week who is preparing to audition for the Houston Texans Cheerleaders!  She is such a sweetie and a pure natural in front of the camera!  I wish you the best of luck, Jackie!  I hope you enjoy your sneak peeks!
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