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22 April 2011
What is your favorite part about Jill Ward Photography?
What is the most difficult aspect of your business?

These are questions I am asked time and again.
I love meeting new people, usually at very special times in their lives.
The special looks that are exchanged between a couple expecting a child.
The sparkle in the eye of a little birthday boy or girl.
The drooly laughter of a baby who has just reached a fabulous milestone.
Brand new babies, days after entering the world.

I love it.

The most difficult part of my job is editing the photos.
What you see in your online gallery, your proofs, my blog - these images are generally not exactly what I capture on the camera. Depending on the type of session I am shooting, I take approximately 300 - 500 photos! I have to whittle than number down to 20 - 30 for editing and presenting to clients. Once I've picked the best of the best, I start editing.

What does that mean?

Sometimes it is simply brightening a photo - bringing out the midtones, darkening blown out areas, lightening shadows. The basics. Other times, more work is needed.
I usually spend about 15 - 20 minutes on each picture - playing with different editing tools until I get the look I want to achieve.

Here is an example of an SOOC (straight out of camera - no editing) and a final product! As you can see, a lot of the background "noise" was deleted, tones were adjusted, and a few more tweaks to make the image come alive. All in all, I spend anywhere from 5 - 7 hours just editing a single session!
I hope that helps answer a few questions about what goes on behind the scenes at JWP! Have a great Easter weekend!
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melifaif said...

Wow. That picture is amazing...great editing my friend. Simply stunning.