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Think Pink - A Pink Panther Birthday Party Adventure

31 January 2011
My daughter is like her mom - she loves all things retro.  Well, maybe not really.  But she does love Pink Panther - which is about as retro as it gets!  When she declared, several months ago, that she wanted a Pink Panther themed birthday party, I decided to get busy making her dream come true!  As you may imagine, there are no Pink Panther party goods available.  Nothing.  So what's a mom to do?  Look no further than Etsy & Ebay - and beg, barter, and plead with crafters around the world to Think Pink!  I am forever indebted to all of these wonderful folks and wanted to share some of their amazing work and talent!!!  Be sure to stop by the shops of these talented people!  If they don't have exactly what you need, send them a message and I am sure they will be happy to work with you!  That is exactly what I did with each and every one of them and I just could not be happier with the results!
First up...the outfit - and the birthday shoot!  I found this super cute pink panther fabric on Ebay and ordered a couple of yards.  My friend, Sharon created these adorable ruffle pants!  She makes all kinds of adorable outfits for little ones!  The matching birthday hat was made by my friend, Jen!  She loves custom orders - so if you've got something in mind, send her a note!  I made the appliqued birthday shirt.  Although I am not selling many items these days, I still take a few custom orders!
I made these custom birthday invitations and had so much fun doing so!  I borrowed the pink panther image from a google search and then made the paw prints and the 4 in Photoshop.  The purple envelopes were from Target for less than a dollar!  I LOVE the stickers on the envelopes!  These were created by my favorite Etsy Party Shop - DesignerFavors.  I sent her a few images I found on a Google search and she did the rest!  She creates cupcake toppers, hang tags, stickers and more.  Her designs are just adorable and she is so sweet and easy to work with!
Oh my goodness, look at those Hershey Kisses!  My daughter LOVES kisses and I found the best seller on Ebay, Marla, who makes candy and water bottle labels!  I sent her the images and she did the rest!  The results were fabulous!  My kids actually put the stickers on all the candy and water bottles!  I spread them around the party area as decorations with a purpose!  The gift bags are full of party favors.  They are simple brown bags from Michaels with festive pink tissue paper.  I used the stickers from DesignerFavors again to spruce up the bags!
We had a very small party and all of the attendees have been lifelong (or practically) friends of Cam's.  I love these kiddos and decided they should all join in on bringing back Pink Panther!!  Cam helped me create custom initial shirts for each of them using the fabric from her outfit.  I also made these little pink kitty hair clips.  I could not find anything remotely similar to the panther - so the cats had to stand in!  The hang tags on the bags are by DesignerFavors.
Cam is a huge fan of Mexican food - just like the rest of her family!  Our sweet neighbors taught me how to make 100% fresh and delicious salsa awhile back.  It is a family fave at our house and we could seriously just drink it with a straw!  Our other neighbors brought over a pot of barracho beans, a pot of black beans, pico de gallo, and more salsa!  Cam's daddy worked hard grilling steak and chicken for our fajitas and Cam's grammy made cheese quesadillas for all the little ones!  The food was so good, I almost cried.  Thanks to everyone who helped!!!
Let's talk cake.  OH MY GOODNESS....  I've written about The Cake Fairy here before.  This woman, aka Suzanne, needs a medal.  I told her several months ago that Cam wanted a pink panther party and asked her to start brainstorming on a cake idea.  Once I made the invitations, I sent her one via email just to show her because I was so excited about how they turned out.  She told me the cake would be a surprise...and man ... was it ever!  She used the image from the invitation and created the most perfect cake any four year old could imagine!!!  I LOVED it!!  Cam was so excited when she saw it, she could hardly contain the giggles and squeals!  The cake tasted absolutely delicious!!  The little cupcakes were the perfect added touch and Suzanne created the little paw print discs to match the theme!  LOVE!  If you need a cake and you are near Houston - CALL SUZANNE!!!!
These are some fun shots from the bounce house!  Our son, bottom right photo, was one of the best entertainers!  A huge thanks to sweet Alex for getting out there and playing with these adoring fans! These girls chased that boy all over the yard and through the house and he really had them giggling like crazy!
Cam's Papaw was another great entertainer!  Somehow, the story of the Three Little Pigs and The Big Bad Wolf came up among the kids while playing in the bounce house.  My father-in-law remembered a gift set he had given Cam for Christmas and asked where it was.  When he emerged from the house wearing a big bad wolf mask, the kids went crazy!!!  Laughing and running and laughing some more!  Way too funny - and I love all of these running shots!
No party is complete at our house without a pinata!  We, of course, could not find anything resembling a pink panther - so we settled for this princess pinata!  It was the most difficult pinata to break I have ever seen!  After the kids all had turns, we called in the Big Bro to help release the candy!!!
....And that just about wraps up the fourth birthday celebration!  Our poor puppy stayed right in this position throughout most of the party...pouting because she wanted to be a bigger part of the fun!!!  Sweet pup!  So...thanks for sharing Cam's party fun with us and be sure to check out the shops I've shared with you!  I love supporting regular folks who are putting their talent out there for others to enjoy!!  I will keep sharing names with you as I come across them!!!  Also, I would like to say a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to my friends Dan & Lindsey!  Without them, most of these photos would not exist!  They were such a huge help photographing the party!  Love those guys!!!!