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Pure Decadence

25 May 2010
I had several emails from you asking for more information on the Cake Fairy cakes!  I asked Suzanne for more details about her flavors just for you guys!
I am fighting the urge to order one of every flavor!!!!!
Check this out....

1. Classic German Chocolate Cake - chocolate cake, chocolate icing, with pecan/caramel/coconut topping and filling.
2. Classic Black Forrest Cake - chocolate cake with chocolate icing, crumb coated sides and raspberry filling and topping.
3. Almond/Blackberry -Yellow Cake layers with fresh blackberries in between the layers covered with white almond butter cream frosting and dusted with toasted almonds.
4. Lemon/Coconut -Yellow Cake with tart/sweet lemon zest butter cream topped with coconut or without.
5. Yellow Cake with chocolate frosting and dusted with toasted almonds.
6.  Chocolate Cake with chocolate frosting and dusted toasted almonds.
7.  Peach/Butter Cream -Yellow Cake with fresh peach slices sweetened with raspberry jam between the layers, covered with fresh peach butter cream and toasted almonds.  (This cake is seasonal and will start up again when peaches come back!!)
8.  Strawberry/Butter Cream Yellow Cake with fresh strawberries between the layers covered with fresh strawberry butter cream and toasted almonds.
9.  Blackberry/Butter Cream - Yellow Cake with fresh blackberries between the layers covered with fresh blackberry butter cream and toasted almonds.
10.  Red Velvet Cake - rich red velvet cake with old fashioned cream cheese icing trimmed with crushed pecans and red raspberries.
11.  Carrot Cake - a decadent cake full of pineapple, raisins, craisins, walnuts and of course - carrots!!!  It is covered with cream cheese icing and dusted on the sides with crushed walnuts and topped with nuts and red raspberries.
12.  Chocolate Overload - This cake has chocolate everywhere its possible to put it.  It had mini chips in the dark chocolate batter, it is filled with deep chocolate fudge and iced with dark chocolate fudge.  The sides are coated with crushed chocolate and it is trimmed on the top with chocolate drops, pecans and red raspberries.
13.  Vanilla Coconut - Yellow cake filled with coconut custard cream and covered with vanilla butter cream and covered in coconut.  Garnished with berries.
14.  Heath Chocolate - for all those toffee/Heath bar lovers.  Rich chocolate cake coated with dark chocolate butter cream and coated with heath bar bits and garnished with crushed Heath bars.

If you are ready to place your order with the amazing Cake Fairy, send her an email at and tell her Jill sent you!


melifaif said...

I am really thinking I need that vanilla coconut cake!!!!!!! Well, defintely NOT need. But, you get it...I know you do! Ugh....and I am suppose to be working out to lose weight?!? I think I just gained 5 lbs. reading her list, I die.