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The Cake Fairy

24 May 2010
My husband loves chocolate.
If desserts are served, and they are not chocolate, he will pass.
My palate is a little less I love sugar regardless the flavor.

Lately, he has been talking about The Cake Fairy.
A woman working in his office kindly makes cakes and leaves them in break rooms with notes saying, "Enjoy this cake - From The Cake Fairy!"
He has been enjoying all kinds of Cake Fairy cakes - even NON-chocolate cakes.

Our son celebrated his 14th birthday on Saturday.
As soon as party planning began, my husband INSISTED the cakes be made by The Cake Fairy.

All I can say is.... "Oh My Goodness!"
Words can not express the awesomeness of these cakes!

My son requested a vanilla coconut cake.
My husband added a German Chocolate to the order...just because.

Let me first say, these cakes are BEAUTIFUL.
I have never seen anything quite like them.
That coconut beauty {oh fave flavor ever} is SO heavy that I decided to weigh it!
14.8 lbs
Yes...FOURTEEN pounds and eight ounces!
It is loaded with fresh berries and smells like Heaven.
It was absolutely fantastic!
The German Chocolate weighed in at 5 lbs.
We just cut into it.
I am speechless.
I love The Cake Fairy.
I can not wait until my birthday next month!
My husband says he sampled a fabulous strawberry cake last week.
Strawberry...not chocolate!
I'm requesting that one for my special day!

If you live in Houston and need a cake ... I highly recommend The Cake Fairy!
She even ships if you don't live in Houston!
You can contact Suzanne via email - - for a current list of flavors and prices.



melifaif said...

Oh Jill. You just made me so very hungry! Not to mention the eye candy you provided. That coconut cake is!!! How much did these beauties cost ya?

melissa said...

omg! i want one now! especially that coconut one! im having CRAVINGS right now and they are quite unstopable (did my mom tell you im preggo? #2 due in november:)

i may just have to give this fairy a shout out! yum!

Anonymous said...

I can smell those berries and the mouth is watering...