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Pure Decadence

25 May 2010
I had several emails from you asking for more information on the Cake Fairy cakes!  I asked Suzanne for more details about her flavors just for you guys!
I am fighting the urge to order one of every flavor!!!!!
Check this out....

1. Classic German Chocolate Cake - chocolate cake, chocolate icing, with pecan/caramel/coconut topping and filling.
2. Classic Black Forrest Cake - chocolate cake with chocolate icing, crumb coated sides and raspberry filling and topping.
3. Almond/Blackberry -Yellow Cake layers with fresh blackberries in between the layers covered with white almond butter cream frosting and dusted with toasted almonds.
4. Lemon/Coconut -Yellow Cake with tart/sweet lemon zest butter cream topped with coconut or without.
5. Yellow Cake with chocolate frosting and dusted with toasted almonds.
6.  Chocolate Cake with chocolate frosting and dusted toasted almonds.
7.  Peach/Butter Cream -Yellow Cake with fresh peach slices sweetened with raspberry jam between the layers, covered with fresh peach butter cream and toasted almonds.  (This cake is seasonal and will start up again when peaches come back!!)
8.  Strawberry/Butter Cream Yellow Cake with fresh strawberries between the layers covered with fresh strawberry butter cream and toasted almonds.
9.  Blackberry/Butter Cream - Yellow Cake with fresh blackberries between the layers covered with fresh blackberry butter cream and toasted almonds.
10.  Red Velvet Cake - rich red velvet cake with old fashioned cream cheese icing trimmed with crushed pecans and red raspberries.
11.  Carrot Cake - a decadent cake full of pineapple, raisins, craisins, walnuts and of course - carrots!!!  It is covered with cream cheese icing and dusted on the sides with crushed walnuts and topped with nuts and red raspberries.
12.  Chocolate Overload - This cake has chocolate everywhere its possible to put it.  It had mini chips in the dark chocolate batter, it is filled with deep chocolate fudge and iced with dark chocolate fudge.  The sides are coated with crushed chocolate and it is trimmed on the top with chocolate drops, pecans and red raspberries.
13.  Vanilla Coconut - Yellow cake filled with coconut custard cream and covered with vanilla butter cream and covered in coconut.  Garnished with berries.
14.  Heath Chocolate - for all those toffee/Heath bar lovers.  Rich chocolate cake coated with dark chocolate butter cream and coated with heath bar bits and garnished with crushed Heath bars.

If you are ready to place your order with the amazing Cake Fairy, send her an email at and tell her Jill sent you!

The Cake Fairy

24 May 2010
My husband loves chocolate.
If desserts are served, and they are not chocolate, he will pass.
My palate is a little less I love sugar regardless the flavor.

Lately, he has been talking about The Cake Fairy.
A woman working in his office kindly makes cakes and leaves them in break rooms with notes saying, "Enjoy this cake - From The Cake Fairy!"
He has been enjoying all kinds of Cake Fairy cakes - even NON-chocolate cakes.

Our son celebrated his 14th birthday on Saturday.
As soon as party planning began, my husband INSISTED the cakes be made by The Cake Fairy.

All I can say is.... "Oh My Goodness!"
Words can not express the awesomeness of these cakes!

My son requested a vanilla coconut cake.
My husband added a German Chocolate to the order...just because.

Let me first say, these cakes are BEAUTIFUL.
I have never seen anything quite like them.
That coconut beauty {oh fave flavor ever} is SO heavy that I decided to weigh it!
14.8 lbs
Yes...FOURTEEN pounds and eight ounces!
It is loaded with fresh berries and smells like Heaven.
It was absolutely fantastic!
The German Chocolate weighed in at 5 lbs.
We just cut into it.
I am speechless.
I love The Cake Fairy.
I can not wait until my birthday next month!
My husband says he sampled a fabulous strawberry cake last week.
Strawberry...not chocolate!
I'm requesting that one for my special day!

If you live in Houston and need a cake ... I highly recommend The Cake Fairy!
She even ships if you don't live in Houston!
You can contact Suzanne via email - - for a current list of flavors and prices.


Etsy Artist Features - YourFriendAmy, TotzHatz, and SimplyBasicDesigns

21 May 2010
I love Etsy.
I look to Etsy anytime I need something.
Business cards.

Now that I've started my photography business, I am happy to report that I am still going to Etsy for my business needs!
First, I needed a watermark / logo for my photos I post online.
I posted an alchemy request and found my girl within a few hours.
YourFriendAmy sent a proof after reading my request.  It was obvious she put time and true effort into the proof.  It was exactly what I wanted - and she even used my blog colors.  I saw it and instantly loved it.  No revisions needed.  Talk about an artist with the ability to read minds!  YourFriendAmy offers Etsy shop sets, banners, collage sheets, invitations & announcements.  If you are looking for a way to spruce up your shop, I highly recommend visiting her shop!  Thanks Amy!!!
Next up....Jackie with TotzHatz.
I have featured her time and again because I love her work!
She creates ADORABLE hats for babies and children, as well as funky little flower clips.
My current favorite photo of my daughter is the one above.
She is sporting a TotzHatz visor hat AND a flower clip.
I purchased those items separately but at the last minute, clipped the flower on the hat.
I loved the look.
Jackie offers hats with flowers, hats with detachable flower clips, and the clips alone which work great in hair or on hats!
Here are a few of my current favorite items from her shop!

Last, but certainly not least, is SimplyBasicDesigns.
I found this awesome cradled egg prop and had to grab it.
I received it 2 days after I paid!  Talk about speedy delivery.
The shop owner also gave me all kinds of advice and tips for props to use with newborns.
So sweet.
She has so many cute items in her shop!  Egg props, cocoons, wraps, and more.
The babies I've photographed were too big for the egg ... but I was still able to incorporate it into one photo and love LOVE love the texture it added to the picture.  You can see it lining the bowl under Baby Sawyer's head.
So...there you have it!
Three of my new fave Etsy sellers!
Show them some love.
Visit their shops.
Tell them Jill sent you!

New Orleans Recommendations

11 May 2010
I love New Orleans.
The first time I visited the infamous town was three short months before Hurricane Katrina.
I've wanted to return - and finally was able to visit again last weekend.

Here are some of my top recommendations should you visit the city!

1. Honey Island Swamp Tour - Honey Island Swamp is one of the least-altered river swamps in the country. It's pretty much in its original condition, almost a pristine wilderness. Take a personalized narrated nature tour into the 250-square-mile Honey Island Swamp. Nearly 70,000 acres of it is a permanently-protected wildlife area--the Nature Conservancy's First Louisiana Nature Preserve. You will come in contact with alligators, snakes, wild boars, jumping fish, dragonflies and more! The captains/guides are very knowledgable, kind, and entertaining. Although I am sure they are all fabulous, I'd suggest requesting Captain Bishop!

2. Muriel's - The epitome of decadence, opulence, and mystery that surrounds the French Quarter, coupled with the area's finest contemporary Creole cuisine. Experience a feast for the senses and enlightenment for your soul…Muriels Jackson Square. The food is delicious and the atmosphere isengaging. If you like a little spookiness - you will be delighted to know the place is HAUNTED! After enjoying your meal, you can head upstairs and relax in one of the two lounges. Who may be paid a visit by Mr. Pierre Antoine Lepardi Jourdan {the resident ghost.}

3. French Quarter - Of course nobody goes to NOLA without strolling endlessly through the French Quarter. I love the history, the old buildings, the street performers, the excitement. For a great history lesson, I suggest taking the Haunted NOLA Tour which departs from Flanagan's Pub. The tour is not one that will frighten is more of an educational/historical tour based on scientific evidence. Not wanting to ruin it for you...but my guide debunked all ghost stories and gave us cold hard facts. VERY interesting. Basically I walked away believing there are no ghosts or vampires in NOLA!

Houston Engagement Photographer - {Dan + Lindsey}

02 May 2010
I recently had the privilege of photographing an awesome couple - Dan & Lindsey. This pair never had engagement photos made before their destination wedding last year. They wanted to try to create some and I am so glad they did! Photobucket
We tried an industrial looking location as well as a park where the Houston skyline can be seen in the background. I love how their outfits really stand out in these settings. Dan & Lindsey were so much fun to work with. In addition to being absolutely adorable, they were completely comfortable in front of the camera and so easy-going! Half the time, I dont think they were even aware I was with them!
Thanks for letting me capture a few moments with you, Dan & Lindsey!