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Blue October {Houston Concert at House of Blues}

26 July 2010
Lead singer, Justin Furstenfeld, and drummer Jeremy Furstenfeld, are from Houston!  They attended HSPVA (High School for Performing & Visual Arts).  This weekend, they were at the House of Blues!  My awesome husband surprised my son & I with tickets to see them!

My son started listening to Blue October a few years ago and I found myself singing along every time he blasted their cd in the car.  The band is great.  I'm sure the majority of you are familiar with Blue October - but just in case, this is their most popular & most-played song on the radio.  I will admit that many of their songs are quite dark - dealing with broken relationships, depression, etc...

My husband surprised me this weekend by presenting me with tickets to see Blue October at the House of Blues in Houston.   We took our son to the show on Saturday and had a great time.  I was surprised to hear so many HAPPY & upbeat songs.  Usually I dont like going to concerts and hearing all the new stuff that I dont know...but this was a completely different experience!

Over the weekend, I spent some time researching the band and learned that the lead singer, Justin Furstenfeld now has a three year old daughter, Blue, who is greatly influencing his new music.  I love this! My favorite song was called Blue Skies however, Jump Rope was a close second.  Another thing I learned is that Furstenfeld has suffered from Bi-Polar Disorder most of his life and severe depression.  He said he would like to get information out there and put a face to depression, so to speak, so that others will not feel so alone.  You can see that interview here.

Bottom line is... Blue October is a great band with meaningful messages.
They put on a great performance.
I am purchasing their new cd this week!
I highly suggest you check them out!

Here are a few snapshots I was able to take with my phone!
Oh how I wish I had my camera with me!