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24 June 2010
I've written about Sharon before.
Sharon ROCKS.
She is the owner/designer/artist of Pinkie Twink on Etsy.

Sharon has been making dresses and skirts for Cameron over the past year and I just can't get enough of her cute, cute, cute creations!
I recently asked her if she would make a pair of shorts out of lemon fabric - you see, we are planning a lemonade stand and you have to LOOK the part! 
Sharon agreed to make the shorts...but then sent me a photo of a new dress she designed.
I fell in love.
"Forget the shorts!" I said....  I want a lemonade DRESS!
And here it is!
Sharon will be listing this dress in her shop soon - as well as others!
Be sure to check out her shop!


Dina said...

What an adorable dress. I LOVE the back of it.