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IMAX Experience

23 December 2010
Are you an Mission Impossible fan? How about an IMAX fan?
I am a little embarrassed to admit that until last week, I had never seen a movie on an IMAX screen! I love MI films and was thrilled to have the opportunity to see Ghost Protocol on the HUGE screen! It was a pretty amazing experience!

Starting December 16th, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol began playing in over 300 IMAX theaters in North America, a full five days earlier than its traditional release. There were 30-minutes of scenes shot with IMAX cameras, ensuring enjoyment for fans who were able to view certain sequences of the movie in larger than life, full-screen proportions. As an added bonus, IMAX offered the first previews of the upcoming Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises, prior to Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol.

Now that I've seen an IMAX movie, I will definitely be returning for more! Especially the intense, action-packed flicks! If you have not yet seen MI4, I suggest checking it out when you get a chance. If you have access to an IMAX theater, even better! You can find more information here! A special thanks to IMAX who provided me with tickets to see MI4, as well as information through MyBlogSpark.