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Houston Natural Light Photographer - Post Processing

22 November 2011
Levels, contrast, white balance, brightening, noise reduction..... All of these are terms pertaining to post-processing. This is the procedure by which photographers take their SOOC (straight out of camera)images and turn them into works of art.

Each photographer has their own style of post-processing. Some like high contrast while others opt for breezy and etherial looking images. Some photographers add textures to their images and some go for somber and moody results by adding heavy vignettes and bringing down the lights. Other photographers do the bare minimum necessary to liven up their images in order to keep everything looking as real as possible. No method is better or worse than another.... Photography is art and art is subjective.

When you are considering your own family photos, be sure to look at the websites of several photographers in your area to get a feel for what type of images they produce. If you have questions, ask! I've heard horror stories from fellow photographers of clients who hired them based on referrals alone - and who were surprised when the images were not what they were expecting. Research, research, research!!! It's best to openly discuss your options with your photographer before you both invest valuable time and money into a session! You want to be sure you will walk away with images you are proud to display in your home for years to come - and every photographer wants you to be in love with your end result!

On average, I typically spend 8 - 10 hours with clients from initial contact to delivery of their orders! It is truly a "work of heart!" Here are a few examples of my SOCC images and my final results after post-processing. This is where a big part of my time is spent....after the session.




melifaif said...

Simply fabulous. Great edits.